Ridelink Limited: Revolutionizing SME Logistics with Sustainable Practices

12 April 2024

Ridelink Limited is an e-logistics platform that connects small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to professional truck drivers, enabling safe and affordable mobility of cargo from point of production to point of sale. The company is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to create transport economies for SMEs and usher them into logistics of the fourth industrial revolution.

At the heart of Ridelink’s mission is sustainability. Through its business model of demand aggregation, the company is able to optimize truck usage, reducing the carbon footprint of logistics operations. Ridelink’s system pre-matches enterprises with cargo to truck and trailer operators using a similar route plan, allowing for efficient scheduling and reducing the number of empty trucks on the road.

In addition to its environmental sustainability efforts, Ridelink is committed to social sustainability. The company’s platform provides a single point of contact for enterprises to connect with over 10,000 drivers across Africa, promoting economic opportunities for professional truck drivers and SMEs alike.

Ridelink’s sustainable practices extend to its operations. The company uses solar-powered dehydration technologies in its flour production, reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. Furthermore, Ridelink’s packaging is biodegradable, minimizing waste and contributing to an Eco-friendlier approach to food distribution in schools.

In conclusion, Ridelink Limited’s commitment to sustainability is a testament to its integrity and vision for a more sustainable future. By leveraging AI and big data to optimize logistics operations and promote social and environmental sustainability, Ridelink is paving the way for a more responsible and sustainable approach to logistics in Africa.

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