MFAI: Pioneering Agri-Innovations with Integrity and Synergy

11 April 2024

Michigan Fellows Agribusiness Initiative (MFAI) is a nexus of agri-innovations across Africa, founded by alumni of a US exchange program at Michigan State University. Since 2018, MFAI has been implementing cross-cutting projects in agribusiness, leadership, entrepreneurship, diversity, and inclusion, reaching 400 youth annually in Uganda.

MFAI’s latest idea, the “Shepherd’s eye” app, aims to enhance climate-smart livestock systems in Uganda. This innovative solution embodies the integrity and synergy that MFAI stands for, as it addresses the complex interplay between three biological systems: Anopheles mosquitoes, Plasmodia parasites, and the environment.

The app’s development is based on the understanding that a single strategy will not be applicable for controlling and eliminating malaria, as the disease is caused by a complex interplay of factors. By taking a trans-disciplinary approach, MFAI’s “Shepherd’s eye” app seeks to contribute to the long-term goal of sustainability in malaria control and elimination.

MFAI’s commitment to integrity and synergy is evident in its approach to agri-innovations. By working with local communities, the organization ensures that its solutions are tailored to the specific needs and realities of the people it serves. This approach not only promotes sustainability but also fosters a sense of ownership and empowerment among the communities involved.

In conclusion, MFAI’s work in agri-innovations across Africa is a testament to the power of integrity and synergy in driving sustainable development. Through its cross-cutting projects and innovative solutions like the “Shepherd’s eye” app, MFAI is making a significant contribution to malaria control and elimination in Uganda and beyond.

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