clinicPesa Limited: Innovating Healthcare Financing in Uganda

9 April 2024

clinicPesa Limited is a Ugandan technological company that is revolutionizing healthcare financing with its innovative mobile money savings, micro-loan, and payment solution. The company’s primary focus is to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, especially in a country where traditional insurance penetration is low at 0.8% of the population and there is a lack of a National Healthcare Insurance Fund.

clinicPesa partners with MTN Uganda and Equity Bank Limited to provide a mobile money savings and top-up micro-loan solution for healthcare. This partnership enables individuals to save and access loans for healthcare expenses, reducing the burden of out-of-pocket payments and the risk of financial catastrophe due to healthcare costs.

The clinicPesa solution is designed to address the challenges of healthcare financing in Uganda, where the lack of insurance coverage and limited access to financing options can lead to preventable deaths, misdiagnosis, self-diagnosis, and the increased burden of drug resistance due to lack of funds to pay for a full dosage. By providing a mobile money savings and micro-loan solution, clinicPesa is helping to bridge the gap between healthcare financing and accessibility.

Innovation is at the heart of clinicPesa’s approach to healthcare financing. By leveraging mobile technology and partnerships with financial institutions, clinicPesa is creating a more accessible and affordable healthcare financing solution that meets the needs of Ugandans. The company’s innovative approach to healthcare financing is helping to improve the quality of life in the disciplines of WASH and Food systems, with a focus on sustainability and excellence.

In conclusion, clinicPesa Limited is a shining example of innovation in healthcare financing in Uganda. By providing a mobile money savings and micro-loan solution, the company is helping to bridge the gap between healthcare financing and accessibility, improving the quality of life for many Ugandans. With its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence, clinicPesa is set to make a significant impact in the healthcare financing sector in Uganda and beyond.

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