Kawu: Revolutionizing Student Pocket Money Management in Uganda

23 January 2024

In Uganda, a digital revolution is underway in the management of student pocket money. Kawu, a groundbreaking fintech platform, is changing the way students handle their finances, ensuring safekeeping and responsible spending.

Traditionally, students in boarding schools relied on teachers, matrons, and canteen attendants to hold their pocket money, leading to potential mismanagement and wastage. However, Kawu has stepped in to provide a solution that benefits all stakeholders involved.

With the Kawu smart card, students can make payments at the school canteen and even withdraw cash when needed, all while parents and guardians can send money and set expenditure limits through the app. This innovative approach not only promotes financial discipline but also eliminates the risks and inconveniences associated with the traditional pocket money system.

Steven Kakooza, a director at Kawu Uganda, emphasized the platform’s positive impact, stating, “Kawu benefits all stakeholders.” The overwhelming reception from schools and the rapid expansion of Kawu’s reach demonstrate the urgent need for such a solution in Uganda’s educational landscape.

Already active in 20 schools and serving over 1,000 students, Kawu is poised to bring about a cashless revolution among Uganda’s student population. The team’s focus on accommodating the growing demand reflects their commitment to ensuring that Kawu becomes a cornerstone of student financial management.

As Kawu continues to gain momentum, it is clear that the days of ‘kawunga and kawukuumi’ are numbered, making way for a more efficient, secure, and empowering era of student pocket money management in Uganda.

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