Neexa AI: Revolutionizing Business Growth in Africa with Artificial Intelligence

22 January 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic in the business world, but its adoption in Africa has been limited. However, innovative companies like Neexa AI are changing this narrative. Founded by Ethan Bampeire, Neexa AI is a Ugandan startup that aims to make business growth effortless for African enterprises through the power of automation and AI.

Initially offering semi-automated marketing services through Klark.IO, Neexa AI quickly realized that the biggest challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises was a lack of sales. To address this, they developed Neexa AI, a 24/7 AI sales agent that handles inquiries, addresses objections, and closes simple deals for businesses. This AI can be integrated with WhatsApp business numbers or added as a chat widget to websites, ensuring instant responses to customers.

The AI learns from the business information provided and can be customized with specific instructions, such as sharing payment details when customers are ready to buy. Even without custom instructions, the AI can effectively provide timely responses and help customers make quick decisions.

Neexa AI offers a user-friendly setup process and interface, allowing businesses to monitor chat history and take over conversations with the human takeover feature. The platform also offers a free version with 100 free responses for starters, with paid plans starting from USD$65, depending on the number of responses needed per month.

With Neexa AI’s innovative approach to leveraging AI for business growth, African enterprises have a powerful tool at their disposal to boost sales and streamline customer interactions, ultimately contributing to a more prosperous business landscape in the region.

We celebrate Ethan and his team for creating an Excellent solution that addresses a gap many business struggle with; sales.

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