Empowering Growth, Embracing Change: Anne Juuko’s Leadership at Stanbic Bank Uganda

22 January 2024

Anne Juuko, since assuming the role of Chief Executive at Stanbic Bank Uganda in March 2020, has made a significant impact on the institution’s trajectory. Under her leadership, the bank has demonstrated resilience and adaptability, particularly in the face of the global challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of my last update, Stanbic Bank Uganda, part of the Standard Bank Group, had maintained its position as the largest bank in Uganda by assets. The bank’s financial statements for the year ending December 2020 showed total assets worth UGX 7.7 trillion, an increase from the previous year. Moreover, the bank’s customer deposits grew to UGX 4.1 trillion, reinforcing its strong liquidity position and the trust it has earned from its customers.

Juuko’s strategic approach centered around digitization and financial inclusion, which has been pivotal in driving growth. She has championed the digital transformation of the bank, advancing the use of technology to improve customer experience and streamline operations. This focus on innovation is evident in the increased adoption of the bank’s digital platforms, which saw a surge in transactions conducted outside traditional banking halls.

Furthermore, under Juuko’s guidance, Stanbic Bank Uganda has continued to play a key role in financing key sectors of the economy, such as agriculture, construction, and manufacturing. By providing tailored financial solutions, the bank has contributed to economic growth and development, aligning with Uganda’s National Development Plan.

In terms of corporate social responsibility, Anne Juuko has emphasized the importance of sustainable business practices and community engagement. The bank’s initiatives, aimed at education, health, and environmental conservation, reflect a commitment to social investment and positive societal impact.

While these figures and achievements provide a snapshot of Anne Juuko’s tenure up to early 2023, they underscore her effective leadership and the strategic direction she has set for Stanbic Bank Uganda. Her efforts have fortified the bank’s market-leading position and signaled a forward-thinking approach to banking in the region.

We celebrate Anne Juuko’s Drive and excellent approach to leadership and brand growth

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