Revolutionizing Networking: The Rise of Digital Business Cards

18 January 2024

In today’s corporate world, networking is essential for success. However, traditional paper business cards often end up forgotten in pockets or discarded, rendering them ineffective. Joshua Mulwana, the visionary mind behind Malticard, recognized this issue and introduced a groundbreaking solution – the digital business card.

Malticard’s digital business card utilizes near-field communication, allowing users to simply tap their card on a phone to seamlessly share contact details. This innovative approach not only eliminates the need for physical cards but also reduces the environmental impact of paper waste.

Mulwana emphasizes that Malticard’s digital business card is more than just a contact-sharing tool. It doubles as an access control card, serving as an office entry pass and company ID. This multifunctionality streamlines processes and enhances efficiency for both individuals and organizations.

Despite initial challenges, Malticard has successfully onboarded over 1,200 customers, a testament to the growing demand for digital networking solutions. Prospective users can easily sign up on and customize their digital business card with their business details and logo.

The affordability of Malticard’s digital business card is another compelling factor. Priced at Shs 45,000 with a one-month subscription included, users then have the option to pay a nominal monthly fee of Shs 1,000 or an annual fee of Shs 12,000. This cost-effective model ensures accessibility for businesses of all sizes.

In addition to digital business cards, Malticard offers Smart Wallets designed to safeguard users from credit card fraud. This comprehensive approach to digital security reflects Malticard’s commitment to providing holistic solutions for modern professionals.

In conclusion, Malticard’s digital business card represents a paradigm shift in networking and contact management. By embracing this innovative technology, individuals and organizations can streamline their operations, reduce environmental impact, and stay ahead in an increasingly digital world.

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